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budget hotel prague: find it all about it

Are you searching online for a budget hotel prague, but with no success so far? What you needed is Oikes: Prague will not be a mystery to you anymore. Keep reading!

Named after King Charles IV since 1870, Charles Bridge (Karluv Most in Czech) was originally called Stone Bridge. Built in the second half of the XIV century, it represented the first way to cross the river Vltava without using a boat and it made Prague a key location for merchants and travellers on the east-west route in central Europe. Nowadays, with its thirty statues on the sides and its length of over 500 metres, it is a masterpiece of gothic architecture: a sight enjoyed by many tourists every day.

Oikes will assist you in your search for a bed in one of the busiest, prettiest and most interesting large cities in Europe. As can be said for any capital like that, finding a budget hotel prague may be a hard task, requiring a lot of energy, time and - last but not least - luck.

So if these are your principles:
  • when you visit a city abroad, you like to stay near the city centre;
  • saving money is always a good idea, as long as you can sleep in a quality hotel;
  • good value for money is something you are looking for;
  • you like to have the chance to plan things in advance, so that when you are on holiday there is no need to waste time;
  • you enjoy sleeping in a pretty room and eating tasty local food...
... then Oikes can surely provide you with the budget hotel prague you are searching for and with all the information you need about the famous sights and the hidden corners of this magic city.

You might be glad to find out that, even though the Czech Republic is famous everywhere for its beers (Pils was born in this country and Czech people are among the largest consumers of beer in the world), during your stay at a budget hotel prague you can also search for a cosy wine bar - cause Czech wine is also something you should not miss. Mainly produced in central Boemia and in Southern Moravia, it is perfect to complete a typical local dinner based on meat dishes.

And that's not all: those who love liquors, bitters and spirits will enjoy a sip of Becherovka (very famous, made with herbs), Slivovice (popular in the Slavic world, made using plums), Medovina (traditional honey liquor) or Borovicka (juniper liquor). Oikes is also ready to guide you through all this choices, and most of all it is a trustworthy partner before and after your booking, supporting you in every step if you need it. And once you are back home, why not upload some of the best pictures and/or videos online? With Oikes, you can!

There is no need to search for anything else, wasting time: all you need to do is choose your room and book it online!

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