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cheap hotel in prague: why spending more to have less?

If you got online looking for cheap hotel in prague, you have just arrived to the right place! Take a look at the next few line about Oikos and Prague will have no secrets for you...

With over one million inhabitants and its lively streets, Prague is one of the most interesting capital cities of the European Union. There are really many reasons why one should go to Prague, including:
  • the New Town, actually built around six hundred years ago;
  • Wenceslas square, heart of the New Town;
  • the Old Town (Stare Mesto) and the magnificent Old Town Square;
  • the Dancing House, also called "Ginger and Fred" from the name of the dancers who inspired it;
  • the majestic and wonderful Charles Bridge, crossing the river Vltava;
  • the famous Castle and the impressive Saint Vitus' Cathedral.
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Whether you are an experienced traveller or you have not been around the world many times, we suggest that you should take a look at our proposals and our tips: Prague is a special city and it deserves a special care, when it is time to prepare and organise the journey. Our local knowledge fears no comparison, cause we are truly convinced that what we chose is just what you need - whoever you are, cause many options are possible.

For those who like culture, amazing monuments, a magic atmosphere and fantastic museums, Prague is definitely the place to be, and to enjoy it at its best all you need is a comfortable bed in a cheap hotel in prague. So, rely on Oikes and you will really have the chance to spend the holiday of your life! All you will have to do is walk around the lively streets during the day and enjoy their quiet beauty at night, giving you a romantic, poetic inspiration: some sights, some typical views, some hidden alleys are simply gems that can not be found anywhere else.

And if you want to enjoy the night city life, Prague is a lively city and it has a lot to offer: wonderful restaurant serving tasty local food and beer as well as international restaurants, along with beautiful pubs and fashion clubs with great music. And as we also know that Czech girls and Czech women are well known for their beauty, we can also give you some advice if you are interested in a spicy night... Spending a holiday in Prague is definitely an opportunity that you should not miss, if you have the chance: what you bring back home will be memories that words can not really describe...

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