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Since the past, thanks to its position inside the heart of Europe, Prague has been a lively trading center.At the beginning of X Century the city was yet blooming: in the old city there was a big open-air market.The Premyslidi that lived here in the Castel e Kysehrad governed their numerous feuds.
The events about this dinasty was often sanguinary.In 935, Prince Venceslao was killed by his brother Boleslao.
As a consequence of the above, Venceslao has been canonized and became the Saint Patron of Bohemia.uring the Middle Ages Prague became a great city, bigger than Paris or London, thanks to Carlo IV emperor of Roman Empire.
Carlo established many institutions and created in PRague the first University of middle Europa and the first Czeck Rector was Jan Hus, who was killed for hersy.This was the reason about the hussites wars.
In 1434 during the battle of Lipany, tha Taboriti were defeated.
During XVU Century the Asburg took the power and governed for 400 years. The great public monuments, the national museum the national theatre, have been built in this period.

Untill 1918 Prague has been subjugated by strangers, after this date the city became the capital of an indipendent republic.
After the second mondial war, the german took possession of the Country.
After 40 years of communism, and the "Velvet revolution" in 1989, Prague is rising again.
Rodolf II was one of the most enlightened ruler fond of arts and sciences , and he spread the Renaissance.
After his death the war of 30 years broke out.This war was the cause of a serious decrease.
This period ended only in XVIII Century, during whick many baroque structures have been built.
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