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cheap hotels in prague: this is the right place

Are you looking for the best options about cheap hotels in prague? Then meeting Oikes you will find the right answers: read more and find out why.

There is a very large number of reasons to visit Prague, the Magic City. Experiencing a romantic walk from Charles Bridge to the Old City Square is simply great, and so is a glass of local beer or seeing the sun rising behind the old castle. Among the main sights there are also:
  • the new city (Nove Mesto);
  • the famous Cafe Slavia, opened in 1881 and meeting point for artists;
  • Vaclavske square, actually a long and wide alley full of life;
  • Vinohrady, a wonderful area of the city full of neo-gothic, Art Nouveau and neo-Renaissance buildings;
  • the Dancing House (Tancici dum), a peculiar building that will surely catch your attention.
Even though the Czech Republic is not an expensive country, Prague is a different story and it is not easy at all to find good cheap hotels in prague. Oikes is here to tell you that here is no need to waste your time surfing the net and searching for some cheap accommodation, risking to end up in an old, low quality building. Oikes will let you save money on your cheap hotels in prague without giving up quality and style.

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