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apartments in prague: the best accommodation in the Czech capital city

If you are surfing the internet searching for the best offers for apartments in prague, Oikes has the the most interesting proposals you can find! Keep on reading and find out why.

Prague is Czech Republic’s capital and also its largest city. It is crossed by the Vltava river and it counts about 1.300.000 inhabitants. It can be considered the cultural and economic heart of central Europe. The city has been the Holy Roman Empire’s capital and two Emperors’ permanent seat, as well as a preminent city during the the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Monarchy of the Habsburg.

Prague became Czechoslovakia’s capital at the end of World War I. All the memories from this past are still clearly visible nowadays, and they make it one of the most visited and most attractive capital cities in what can be certainly defined the Heart of Europe.

As you can easily imagine, there is a broad offer for apartments in prague. That’s why it’s not easy for non-resident people to choose the best proposals, according to one’s needs. A good idea is contacting a professional and reliable company like Oikes. Our experience and our knowledge of tourist’s desires allow us to offer you excellent solutions for a great stay in the cultural capital of central Europe.

There are many reasons why you could be searching for a good accommodation in such a busy city: maybe you are a tourist who likes to discover the world, maybe you are a businessman who needs to work in the most active capital cities of the continent, or maybe you have seen Prague in the past and now you want to show your family how this amazing city has changed through the years.

But whatever your reasons are, whatever are your plans when you are there, you surely need a good bed to sleep in and a comfortable room around you, so that your stay can be productive and/or you can enjoy the beauty of the old buildings and museums at their best. That is why the apartments in prague chosen by Oikes are different, but do have something very important in common. They can be:
  • comfortable hotels in central positions;
  • small cosy apartments, ideal for couples;
  • apartments in prague located in beautiful residential areas, full of people, shops and life;
  • luxury apartments;
  • large apartments (up to 7 people) perfect for families and groups.
These luxury apartments in prague are all located in beautiful and recently renovated neoclassical buildings. Every apartment includes a functional fully-equipped kitchen, one or more bedrooms, one or more complete bathrooms and lift. So if you are planning a trip to Prague, now you know how to find the best apartments in prague with Oikes! It is never wise to miss an amazing opportunity when it is easy to reach, just in front of you!

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