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hotels near charles bridge prague: your room in the heart of the city

Prague and its wonders are definitely worth a visit, and with Oikes you can find the hotels near charles bridge prague you were looking for!

Karlův most is the Czech name of the very famous historic bridge in Prague.
Originally known also as Stone Bridge or simply Prague Bridge, it became Charles Bridge in 1870. It was the only way to cross the Vltava river until 1841 and it represented an essential connection between the Old Town and the Castle. 30 baroque-style statues decorate both sides of the bridge’s balaustrades: they date around 1700 but they’ve been all replaced by replicas.

Walking on the bridge across the Vltava is an amazing experience
, not only due to the beauty of the construction or the lively crowd: also the scenario is incredible, because from there you can enjoy a fantastic view on the medieval towers as well as the spectacular buildings of Prague facing the river.

Prague’s tourist guide lists an impressive number of monuments and places not to miss, and one of them is Charles Bridge. Thus, a very practical solution is staying in a hotels near charles bridge prague. Oikes’ proposals include comfortable hotels, in a neoclassic-style and recently renovated buildings, situated in a central position at walking distance from Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and tram/metro/train station.

There is also a wide range of activities that can be done in the city of Prague and also in the surrounding areas: discoes and disco bars are basically everywhere, not to mention restaurants and small places where you can just sit and have a beer: and how should you ask for advice, if not Oikes?

Our professional staff speaks English, German, French and Italian and is available to assist you 24 hours a day.
In order to meet the needs of all its customers, Oikes offers two formulas for your stay: Hotel or Residence, in large (45-65 square meters) apartments with fully equipped kitchen and fitted with all the modern comforts, like wireless connection. Any formula includes several facilities, such as:

  • satellite tv;
  • lift;
  • 24/7 reception;
  • private parking.

With all this information, now we are sure that you know why Oikes is the right source of data and the right partner if you need to find hotels near charles bridge prague, as well as in other central quartiers of the magical city: contact us and find the proper way to enjoy a cool vacation of to organise an effective work meeting. The atmosphere, the local food and restaurants and a glass of a tasty czech beer will do the rest... For your unforgettable stay in Prague, reserve your hotels near charles bridge prague with Oikes!

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