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low cost accommodation in prague: saving money is always a good idea

Prague is a must-see city for any respected traveller: even if your budget isn’t very high, Oikes can help you with the best low cost accommodation in prague you can find.

If you are a culture fanatic, Prague won’t disappoint you, being one of the most active cultural centres in Europe. The city boasts some world famous museums, like the National Museum and the Alfons Mucha museum (Prague’s home artist). Prague is also famous for its festivals: anyone can find one of his interest, as they cover any aspect of the arts:
  • Prague Spring International Music Festival;
  • One World film festival;
  • Prague Writers' Festival;
  • Prague Advent Choral Meeting.
Not to mention the Czech Beer Festival, where you can sip over 70 brands of local beers: here beer is more than just a drink, it's a tradition. Further, you will definitely love the low prices in this country: even in such a popular and crowded city like Prague, fullo of tourists and full of life, the costs of a night out are surprisingly low - nothing that can be compared with other European capitals.

So now you can surely see why a low cost accommodation in prague can also be a top quality accommodation, as long as you follow the advice of an experience company like Oikes: professional and trustworthy, well organised and ready to support you in every step of your booking and to take care of you before, during and after your stay.

Sharing is a good strategy to lower the costs. Oikes offers you many low cost accommodation in prague, like its apartments for 2 up to 7 people at a very cheap price. Take advantage of the good company and save money you can spend visiting all the wonders Prague offers you: they are all very close to you, because our hotels and apartments are all located in the central area, at walking distance from the main cultural attractions. So you can decide to walk the picturesque streets, planning your route in advance thanks to our practical city map.

Relying on Oikes is the best idea, and it is also the first step in the direction of a great stay in a low cost accommodation in prague: our knowledge is the key for us to guide you through all your choices while organising the trip, and please do not forget that you can contact us (via email, on skype or by phone) to ask us more about our offers - a complete service, cause we like to take care even of smaller details.

Besides, you can find useful information that will help you to stay away from the dangers and will tell you what to do in case of emergency (medical emergency, night service pharmacies, taxi). And to make your friends jealous, take pictures and videos of you trip and show them! Spend your money for visiting the city and not for expensive accommodations: Oikes and its low cost accommodation in prague are the perfect solution you were looking for!

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