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luxury apartments in prague: amazing opportunities available

If your idea of travelling is enjoying all the comforts wherever you go, then Oikes is the reliable company you can count on for luxury apartments in prague.

The Old Town (Staré Město) is the medieval original settlement the modern Prague developed from, and now it matches with the Praha 1 district. A semi-circular wall and moat separated it from the surrounding area. In the 14th century the New Town was founded, the wall and moat were eliminated. Some places of interest in the Old Town are:
  • the Old Town Square;
  • the picturesque narrow streets around the Old Town Square;
  • the Old New Synagogue;
  • the Astronomical Clock.
Also, you shouldn not forget to visit the impressive castle and all the buildings within it: and in an elegant city like Prague you might really feel like staying like a king in his castle: Oikes is the leader company for luxury apartments in prague, so we can offer you a wide range of accommodations according to your needs and preferences. We have solutions for the romantic couple as well as for large families or groups of friends.

Staying at a hotel the traditional and classic choice, but in recent times other solutions are becoming more and more widespread. A bed&breakfast, for example, is very popular in the United Kingdom, while Italy (especially Tuscany) is well known for its agriturismo's. A city like Prague, on the other hand, can offer interesting apartments at very reasonable rates: consider it as an option for your next trip.

Oikes can be the right guide to show you some of the greatest luxury apartments in prague, your new favourite gateway to access the beauty and the wonders of an amazing capital city. Can you think of anything better than a fully furnished apartment, equipped with everything you need? It will be your home for as long as you like, welcoming you after a tasty Czech dinner and a glass of a wonderful local beer: Prague is there to remind you that luxury is not necessarily too expensive...

Here are some examples of the special offers you can find. If you are a couple, you might be interested in a studio: a cosy and intimate accommodation for 2 people, still fitted with all the comforts. For a family or for a longer stay, we suggest a 2 rooms apartment, well furnished in an international style, perfect for 4 or even 5 people. For large groups or for the greatest luxury, Oikes offers you 3 rooms apartments or even attics: they can host up to 7 people in luminous large rooms with beautiful furniture. Equipped with all the comforts, these are distinctive accommodations for a top-class stay in Prague. All our apartments are in recently renovated neoclassic-style buildings.

Now you know how to find the best offers for luxury apartments in prague: Oikes is the professional company you can rely on.

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