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vacation apartments in prague: lovely rooms in the heart of europe

Are you interested in some vacation apartments in prague? Then turn to Oikes: we can provide you with some great pieces of accommodation. Keep reading!

Important city through history, from the late Roman empire to the Hasburg Monarchy and the Austro-Hungaric empire, Prague is nowadays one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, chosen every year by millons of tourists from each part of the world: it is in the UNESCO world heritage list, and full of sights  points of interest such as Charles's bridge, the castle, the old town square and the Jewish quartier. Visiting this beautiful city is definitely a must for people who like history and great night life.

As many people choose Prague as their destination in every season of the year, it might be tough to find good vacation apartments in prague and Oikes is there to support you in your search. You will be able to choose among incredible offers, which include high quality central hotels and apartments in beautiful residences.

Take advantage of:
  • comfortable and cosy rooms;
  • accommodation located at walking distance from the city centre and from the main sights of Prague;
  • rooms fitted with all comforts, including Wi-Fi connection and satellite TV;
  • fine, elegant furniture;
  • the complete range of services given by Oikes, leading company when it comes to vacation apartments in prague;
  • apartments suitable for any need and any number of people.
And if you want to make sure that you know where you are and that you will not lose your way in a large city, check Oikes map of Prague and easily find where your vacation apartments in prague are located and also where the sites you are interested in can be found, analysing the shortest (or most panoramic) ways.

A holiday is a holiday, so planning it in a very relaxed way is probably what is on your mind. Nevertheless, with our help you can combine this and a perfect organisation of the trip, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Or are you maybe more attracted by Last Minute offers? In that case, there are some waiting for you. Check them out!

Prague should not be missed, with the beauty of its artistic wonders (make sure you take some time to check the list we have prepared for you) and the quality of its fantastic beers. Czech food is very tasty, too, and if you like other types of cuisine do not miss all the pretty international restaurants in the city centre - after all Prague is an international capital.

Oikes can provide you with vacation apartments in prague as well as with all the imporant information about the city, letting you plan and then enjoy the vacation you were dreaming of.
So what are you waiting for? Prague and Czech Republic are just around the corner.

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